MCC Qianhai


Multi-Country Consolidation Centre

Qian Hai

The Background of MCC QIANHAI Platform

Software Supported
Hardware Supported
中國海關 ( 中 )

Transshipment Hub

Handle International Transshipment cargoes

Inbound consolidation Hub

Handle China Import cargoes

Outbound consolidation Hub,

Handle China Local Export cargoes and T/S cargoes



Da Chan Bay



Kwai Chung


Overview of MCC QIANHAI Platform

Bridges Connected Warehouse & Terminals

Shekou terminal


MCC Warehouse

from terminal to warehouse via Special Tunnel.

News Broadcast Event

On October 18th, 2018,

Shenzhen Customs hosted a News Broadcast Event
in Qianhai Multi-Country Consolidation Centre.

Over 200 guests from well-known consolidators, NVOCCs,
freight forwarders, and BCOs participated.

Mr. Kevin Cheng, one of the founders of Consolidation Alliance Network and the Managing Director of Fox Service Ltd and FS International, was interviewed by the media on October 18th, 2018.

Press conference<br>2018.10.18

The Concept of MCC QIANHAI Platform

Consolidation Flow


Local Export Consolidation in Shenzhen

Direct Export from Shenzhen

Groupageto Hongkong

Import & Trans-shipment

Ship to Hong Kong

Ship to C&N China

Ship to Oversea

Truck to China

International Trade Status

2011~2018 Annual Movement

Traditional Trade - Transportation Container
CNY  0  Trillion
Small Amount Wholesale - Transportation Carton
CNY  0  Trillion
B2C E-Commerce - Transportation Parcel
CNY  0  Trillion
CY Movement
CFS Movement

Shenzhen Qianhaiwan Outlook

The Network of MCC QIANHAI Platform

World Wide
World Wide
World Wide
World Wide
World Wide
South China
Hong Kong
T/S Countries

Advantage of MCC Network


Qianhai is strategically located near major ports and transportation hubs,

which can result in faster shipping times and reduced transit costs.


Qianhai provides a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to import goods,

with streamlined customs clearance procedures and a range of support services available to facilitate the process.

Cost Effective

Importing from Qianhai can often result in lower prices due to various factors

such as tax incentives, lower labor costs, and streamlined supply chains.

International Trans-shipment Features

Groupage with South China & Shangai/Ningbo and other China cargoes into one box to Shekou

No Declaration is required within 14 days for International Trans-shipment cargo

International Trans-shipment cargo only under Customs custody until re-consolidation to export
within 14 days

South China Direct Inbound Features

Direct discharge Shekou

Same day arrival MCC Centre for unstuff

Customs Brokerage Service

ASEAN Tax Free applicable

Door Delivery Service provided

Time Correlation

Hong Kong

1~2 Days

5~7 Days

1~2 Days

2~3 Days


1~2 Days

2 Days

1 Day


MCC in 2020 China International Import Expo